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We have extensive experience in organizing corporate and private events. We can create a special program for you with a variety of unforgettable experiences.

  • guided tastings and tastings
  • private and corporate events /celebrations, parties, weddings, teambuilding/
  • special programs on bike and on foot in NP Podyjí, in Znojmo and its surroundings
  • live music or dulcimer music on request
  • travel lectures and programs in combination of food and wine
  • home-made specialities from the smokehouse and barbecue


  • WINE SEARCHING IN THE UNDERGROUND – the most popular program for groups, where participants search for hidden bottles of wine in the catacombs almost in the dark and then the most successful team is evaluated after the event. After the search is over, you will also receive an engaging commentary on the history and attractions of the Znojmo underground.
    An extraordinary outdoor program that will take you back in time to the time when the state border was closed by the “Iron Curtain”. When freedom and free travel was a mere utopia and the world was divided into capitalist and socialist countries. The territory of the then Czechoslovak Socialist Republic was strictly guarded by Border Guard units. Sophisticated means of protecting the State border were used, as well as specially trained dog packs that intervened against any person moving in the forbidden zone. The present will offer you to experience the past.
  • Beautiful trips to the PODYJÍ NATIONAL PARK with a guide and interpretation /the possibility of renting a bicycle or electric bike/
  • PAINTBALL and AIRSOFT battles in the natural area of the former factory
  • HOP FROM STORE TO STORE – a truly exceptional experience connected with a visit to three selected wine cellars in the area. Archive cellar + barrique cellar with Qvevri Good vineyard and finally your cellar
  • Your TOURIST TRAIN or EKOBUS can also leave directly from the cellar after a sightseeing tour of Znojmo /2 hours / or even to the neighbors in Austria
  • Non-traditional TEYMBUILDING games in the historical part of Znojmo and elsewhere
  • Programs at the RIFLE /mortar, pistol and shotgun with shooting at flying pigeons/SOUCROME VINE PICKING – grape picking, pressing and working in the vineyard with refreshments in the vineyard and a special gift later /own wine with label/