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Our ancestors began excavating tunnels in 10-million-year-old sandstone a respectable 400 years ago.
Back then, cellars were really just for wine, its production, ageing and storage.
We have continued this long tradition and on the ruins of the original dilapidated building we have built YOUR STORE, which also serves as a place to sit and a guesthouse with comfortable accommodation.

Of course, our treasure underground, dug by generations of people before us, is our great pride and attraction for all our guests. The beauty and atmosphere is unrepeatable, as our hundred-metre labyrinth is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the Znojmo region.

The wine cellar and pension VÁŠ SKLEP is located in the wine alley Na staré cesta at the end of Nový Šaldorf near Znojmo. In the nearby surroundings there are beautiful vineyards with the best that is born in South Moravia.

We are a people who honour tradition and do our best to continue the legacy of our ancestors.

In addition to our relationship with nature and its forces, we also have a strong bond with plants. In our region, one of the most popular is the grapevine, from which man has been able to create a true drink of the gods with his diligence and skill for thousands of years.

He doesn’t always succeed, nature is not always kind and sends the ideal weather. But it’s actually just like in life, that is, quite all right.

We follow the words:

“One is not here to make good wine, but to spoil as little as possible!”

We therefore never speak ill of wine, for it is always concentrated sunshine, which is truly a gift of God to be cherished and enjoyed.

Distances to tourist attractions

  • Wine cellars in Nový Šaldorf and the surrounding area with a selection of the best wines
  • 2km beautiful swimming pool Louka near Louka Monastery
  • 2km NP Podyjí with rich and beautiful nature with many cycling paths
  • 5km the most famous Czech vineyard in the heart of NP Podyjí – ŠOBES
  • 3km historical centre of Znojmo
  • 400m train stop to Vienna (1,5h to the centre of the Austrian capital)
  • 25km Vranov Dam, Vranov Castle, Cornštejn ruins and Bítov Castle
  • 28km Laa thermal bath in Austria